Small Business Dream Team

Creating Your Small Business Dream Team

There may be an I in business, but business is still a team game. Successful entrepreneurs may start the climb alone, but no one makes it to the top without help. Wearing every hat in your business is not a recipe for long-term success. As you start your new business, you’ll need to build a team around you who can provide support as you chase your dreams.

A fun fact about me is I can turn just about anything into a sports analogy. So with NBA All-Star Weekend having just passed, I decided to share my small business Dream Team starting lineup. Here are the five people your small business team needs to take things to the next level.


Point Guard – You (The Founder)

In basketball, the point guard is like an extension of the coach. Also known as the floor general, a point guard is like the basketball equivalent of a quarterback. Their job is to initiate the offense and create opportunities for the team to score. The best point guards, like Chris Paul and Sue Bird, have fantastic vision and are the unquestioned leaders of their teams.

In the business context, you are the point guard. You’re the head of the entire operation and everyone follows your lead. Your vision is your most critical skill, as you guide your teammates into position to execute the strategy laid out prior to the game. In key moments, you may waive your teammates off and take matters into your own hands. However, as the team’s leader you understand that your primary role is to put your teammates in a position to be successful. Because you recognize that without them you’d be playing against impossible odds.


Shooting Guard – Marketing Guru

A shooting guard has one job, and one job only — score the rock. MJ, Kobe, D-Wade, AI, Turasi: in their prime, each of them could go out and put up 30 points without breaking a sweat. What made them so great was top notch athleticism, elite skill, and a killer instinct. At the end of the day when the team NEEDS a bucket, they get the ball in the hands of their shooting guard and watch them work.

In this analogy, scoring points equates to acquiring new customers. In the same way that you can’t win if you don’t score points, your business can’t make money without customers. And like an elite shooting guard, a marketing guru never fails to put numbers on the board. The best marketing gurus combine the skill that comes with years of experience, with an almost innate feel for what their audience wants to hear. At the end of the day, you can rely on them to lead a steady flow customers through the door, so that the cash register keeps ringing and everyone gets paid.


Small Forward – Business Manager/Assistant

At the small forward position, you need someone who is versatile. Someone who can do a little bit of everything, and isn’t concerned with getting the spotlight. A great example is former Sixers forward Andre Igoudala. During Golden State’s three year run as back-to-back-to-back champions, he wasn’t the star of the team. But without his defense, his hustle and his ability to make the right play at just the right moment, the Warriors’ dynasty would’ve never existed.

A business manager or office assistant plays a similar role. The team’s success depends on their ability to do a little bit of everything. They keep things organized, address urgent customer needs, and fix other’s mistakes before they cause catastrophe. Much of their work flies under the radar, so those on the outside don’t see how important they are to the team’s overall success. But those on the inside know that it would be impossible to win without them.


Power Forward – The Accountant

When I think of the greatest power forwards of all time, the two words that come to mind is steady and reliable. A great power forward isn’t necessarily flashy. They don’t have the highlight real dunks and or the sick crossover that leaves the defense on skates. But the team knows they can depend on them to do their job night in and night out. No questions asked.

Having a great accountant is like having a great power forward. They play an indispensable role in your business, keeping you on the winning track by making sure the finances are in order. Not only do they make things easier for you come tax season, but like a Kevin Garnett screen, their work frees you to up to make your next move with greater clarity. The contributions an accountant makes to the success of a business are essential, even if they’re often overlooked. Find a reliable accountant willing to do the numbers work that no one else wants to do.


Center – The Lawyer

In the past, offenses used to run through the center. But in today’s fast paced game driven by data and analytics, the center’s primary job is to be a defensive anchor. Players like Brittany Griner and Rudy Gobert play this role to perfection. They patrol the painted area and erase their teammates’ mistakes by sending shots into the bleachers.

Like a 7 foot center guarding the paint, having a lawyer sends a clear message to the other side. ‘Don’t bring no bullshit in here. NOT IN MY HOUSE!’

As a business owner, your lawyer is there to protect your backside. Our job is to help ensure that mistakes made by you or others do not result in losses for the business. Of course, one way lawyers do this is by advocating for you in court. However, the true benefit of having a lawyer on your team staying out of court in the first place. By working with your attorney to craft strategies that minimize risk from the beginning, you are less likely to end up in front of a judge, jury or arbitrator.


Building Your Small Business Team

Building a small business team is a lot like building a winning basketball team. It takes some time to find the right players who can win a championship together. You need professionals with the right level of skill and experience, who also know how to work well as part of a team.

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