First EMP{+}WER Legal Workshop

The first EMP{+}WER Legal Workshop will be held on Monday, February 24th, 2020 at 6pm, at M. Zane {+} Associates’ office on 4020 Market St. Led by Karla Cruel, Managing Attorney of the Legal Empowerment Group, this event will introduce the basics rights of residential tenants and the remedies available if those rights are violated. Participants will learn about their options for resolving a dispute with a residential landlord. You can register for this event by visiting M.Z{+}A’s company Eventbrite page. Tickets will also be available at the door, but seats are limited. Register in advance to guarantee your seat.

EMP{+}WER Legal Workshops are presented by M. Zane {+} Associates. These workshops bring the knowledge of legal professionals directly to communities across the region to empower people with a better understanding of how they can make the law work for them. Workshops are currently being organized on topics such as small business creation, firearm licensing and ownership, estate planning, expungement, and civil rights.

Anyone interested in suggesting future topics can do so by completing and submitting this topic suggestion form.

Individuals and organizations interested in bringing and EMP{+}WER Legal Workshop to their community, and attorneys interested in partnering should contact M. Zane {+} Associates at