M. Zane {+} Associates Partners with YEAH Philly to Empower Young Entrepreneurs

M. Zane {+} Associates is excited to partner with YEAH Philly to create the Empowered Youth Entrepreneur Project (EYE Project). The EYE Project is an 8-week program designed to empower young entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. Each of the young entrepreneurs in the program owns a business or plans to start one within 6 months. The program teaches basic business concepts, while providing the support and encouragement needed to build self-confidence. Entrepreneurs will receive a $1000 grant at the end of the program to help jumpstart their business ventures.

“The program focuses on teaching essential concepts and principles,” according to Program Lead Zane Johnson. “We will also bring in successful business men and women from the community to tell their stories and provide inspiration. In the end, we hope to produce a group of young Black entrepreneurs with an understanding of what it takes to be a successful business owner, and the confidence to chase their dreams.”

YEAH co-founder Kendra Van de Water says now is the time to support Philadelphia’s young entrepreneurs. “Many times, people want to start businesses, but also need the confidence and support to do so successfully. The EYE Project is a chance for young entrepreneurs to receive that support, understand what it takes to run a business, and also receive money to help start or grow their business. Entrepreneurship has become a big interest among young Black people, and at YEAH, we’re¬†making sure we continue to invest in teens and young people in ways that are relevant to our culture and communities.”¬†

The first cohort was selected on October 17th. The program just completed its second week. Young people interested in participating in the future should follow @yeahphilly on Instagram for more information.


Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout (YEAH) is a black-led, Philadelphia based nonprofit that works with teens who have witnessed or engaged in violence. YEAH Philly provides safe spaces for young people to be their authentic selves. They also provide culturally relevant opportunities that address the root causes of violence among young people. Their programs include peer led conflict resolution, weekly teen groups, a teen led community food bank, and community events.

To support YEAH’s mission to empower young people through the creation of safe and authentic spaces, visit yeahphilly.org/donate/.